Business Sample 1

GCC Internship Program

This video captures the internship program offered at this club seen through the eyes of a current intern along with staff and club members. It was designed to be shown as an introduction video to college students interested in the program.


Promotional. Interview. Story. Recruitment. Marketing.

Business Sample 2


This video was created as a marketing piece to give prospective clients an understanding of the day-to-day work and clientele this concierge company caters to.


Promotional. Marketing. Interview.  


David Ogilvy & Associates Realtors 

This boutique real estate firm in Greenwich, CT was looking for a unique way to highlight distinct areas and features of the town.


Lifestyle. Marketing. Real Estate. Story

Product Marketing


Product. Marketing. E-Commerce. Studio. Actors.

Makroteks Luxury Towels 

SVP was hired to produce 10 videos showcasing various types of towels and bath-wear to be featured on e-commerce stores like Amazon.

Studio design, script-revisions, casting talent, filming, and editing were handled by SVP.

Social Media Ad

The Business Meetup 

This short, fast-paced video was created to be used as an ad on Facebook and Instagram. The goal was to create an exciting video that captures the variety of professionals that attended their event.



Promotional. Social Media. Ad Campaign. Event